Hi, my name is Julie, and I attend the earlier class.


I can’t (and don’t) say I’m emotionally attached to Digital Media Technologies and/or Interactive Multimedia in and of themselves, but they have been a part of my personal and professional life for quite some time, arrived at via a path of typing (yes, on a typewriter), learning, using and, finally, teaching computer applications including multimedia programs, and design, mainly graphic and media design.

Technology Topic/Area/Issue

My interests lie in the uses, applications and contexts of the technology in various areas and the role of the technology’s capabilities in influencing these. I want to know who is using it (in our out of the predicted demographic?), how they are using it (as intended?), where are they using it and on what device, and whether they have found uses for it that weren’t foreseen. How do the capabilities of the technology influence the way it is used? How do you live your life with it? What about our close physical and tactile relationship to our devices? Oh yeah…and is a piece of technology a worthwhile addition to my life?


I’m doing this course because my employer has said I need to do it. I think I can generally pick up on things pretty well (some things faster and better than others!) and am pretty relaxed about the technical as well as the creative side. I take the attitude that outcomes can be unexpected, which can be exciting, so in this topic I’m more inclined to explore and absorb as much as I can and work out how best I can use and apply it.


I’m never comfortable talking about myself, but if you’re still reading, here goes: academically, I can be a bit driven and like to achieve at the top of my capabilities or even higher. That was not always the case! I’m fortunate in that I’m fairly capable with grammar and punctuation so I can devote more energy to the content of written work. I’m sure I take much longer to do things than I need to! Unsurprisingly, juggling work, family and study presents a challenge. Being able to concentrate and engage on just one or two things at a time is lovely…

So far, I can’t think of a URL to share. Will do so once I think of one!

Looking forward to an enjoyable and productive semester—where will it lead?


PS Chose this theme and colour to reduce distraction. I kind of like the austere look. Might play with it some more later.

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  • adamnwalker  On March 3, 2012 at 8:22 am

    Hey, great intro

    Regarding “and is a piece of technology a worthwhile addition to my life” is quite an interesting point if you are also studying Digital Media Social Context. I have been slowly working my way through the reading and it seems it’s ‘technology’ that makes us human… Something to ponder.

    • digitaldweller  On March 4, 2012 at 11:23 am

      Hi Adam

      Thank you! I did Digital Media in Social Context last year, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Interestingly, it’s humans that make the technology that ‘make us human’. Some of the readings I had to read in stages because they were fairly complex, but well worth it. Enjoy the stimulation 🙂


  • daniellabeach  On March 4, 2012 at 9:59 am

    Hi Julie

    I’m doing this course for pretty much the same reason you are, because my employer said I should probably get into some more technical stuff.

    I also like to write, but don’t have to worry about juggling a family – just my very demanding boyfriend!

    Unfortunately I’m in the later class, but if I manage to make an earlier session I’ll be sure to come and say hi.


    • digitaldweller  On March 4, 2012 at 11:27 am

      Hi Daniella

      Always rewarding to factor in the significant people in your life, and often a welcome relief from study/work 🙂


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