I shopped around quite a bit for a web host, and looked beyond the standard requirements for class. I tried to find something that was flexible, to take account of any future professional endeavours in web development. I have to say that comparing the offerings from different providers was a bit like trying to compare insurance plans–very difficult to compare like with like, and as I’m not hugely savvy with all that was being offered, it was quite a challenge. However, words like ‘unlimited’ helped when it came to capacities and so on. Some factors that were important for me were:

  • Environmental responsibility
  • Cost
  • Location

Environmental Responsiblity

Two providers stood out when it came to the environment:, and, both of which are carbon neutral. GreenGeeks is ‘300% wind powered’–they purchase ‘wind credits’ to the value of 3 times the amount of energy they use. There is some pretty funny reading about lunch and dinner at the office on GreenGeeks. Digital Pacific purchases carbon credits.


GreenGeeks was $AUD61.40 for the first year and $95 for subsequent years (and a chance to win an iPad 2!)  Digital Pacific was $99 per year.


Digital Pacific is located in Sydney and ‘overseas’ (couldn’t find where).

GreenGeeks has server locations in the USA (San Diego and Chicago) and Canada. Glad they have somewhere besides San Diego–earthquakes could be an issue…

I ended up going with GreenGeeks–They won out slightly on eco-responsibility and decisively on price and features. Digital Pacific won out on location–I think having a server based in Australia might be an advantage when it comes to any legalities that might crop up, or in terms of customer service. In all honesty, there were a few things that I missed when comparing the plans. For example, Digital Pacific offers (‘strives to achieve’) 99.99% uptime compared with GreenGeeks guaranteed 99.9%, and Digital Pacific backs up 3 times daily compared with GreenGeeks nightly backups. Not sure if it would have changed my decision, though.

I’ve also purchased – couldn’t believe it was available! Using only my first name suits me just fine. Will try and get something up there this weekend, but at this stage I feel like I am really just stumbling around in a thick fog. Time to get on with my learning proposal!


PS Noticed that the head honcho at GreenGeeks is one Trey Gardner (looks/ sounds like Tree Gardener?!?) 😀

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