Pointed Brackets and Favicons

Harvard referencing UTS style, and those little pointy brackets, also known as greater than/less than, need special treatment. If you are trying to get those brackets around your urls, you will need to use a code to display the brackets, as they are ‘reserved’ HTML characters. I found them under ‘entities’. Find the codes for those and other symbols here. Actually, at first I thought I’d copy them from the source of the UTS Harvard Referencing page, but didn’t realise the ; needed to follow the code. It displayed just fine, but the Validator wasn’t having any of it, so I went looking further. No matter, learned two ways to put them in…and the code validated.

Today I also created a favicon for my site–not sure if I will keep it or change it. I do like it but I admit I created it in PowerPoint (gasp!) and used an online favicon generator because Photoshop isn’t loaded on the machine on which I’m working, and neither is any reasonable graphics program. You probably already know you can save a PowerPoint presentation as an image by doing a Save as, Image, then choosing an image type. It worked just fine. Only thing is I didn’t get transparency–not that I tried too hard–so I will probably drop it into Photoshop later. I used this favicon generator which gave a nicer (ie not a boxy pixelated image) result than some of the others I tried, and it supports transparency. Once you’ve created your favicon, you just need to put it into your root directory, and copy the code that is provided into the <head>section of your HTML file.  The machine I am working on right now has Safari and Chrome, and initially it wasn’t displaying the favicon in Safari, but I reset Safari (having found the solution online) and it appeared.

If you are happy to have your favicon displayed in a gallery, then try this site. A look at the gallery might give some inspiration! This page gives information about favicons and I think it’s worth reading. I also think the code provided here might validate more readily …

This favicon generator allows you to create animations. Maybe I’ll try that another time 🙂



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