Boxing Clever

Maybe not so clever. Here are my Week 6 CSS exercises. All are fine, but my challenge exercise is going all over the place in IE and I’m still trying to work out why. Ok, I’ve got the old-ish work laptop at home and it has IE 6 on it and I can’t update it because I need admin status to make changes.  However, I don’t think that’s the  issue as Mary’s and Ting’s rendered just fine on that old browser (nice work :-D). I’ve had a look at CSS compatibility tables such as this one but still can’t find the answer. Could it be the order in which I’d stacked the code? Any ideas? I’m still pondering… Will check it out on Tuesday in a later version of IE at work, for comparison and to narrow down the possibilities.

PS my Box Model exercise is different in IE6 also–the blue background doesn’t extend to the edges of the dotted border. And Safari makes the dots square.



Web Browser CSS Support viewed 8 April 2012, <>

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  • By Update: Wk 6 Problem Solved « digitaldweller on April 20, 2012 at 6:30 am

    […] Week 6 challenge exercise was doing all sorts of weird things in IE–notably, the box was overlaying the text. Sorted now. Just a margin measurement had to be changed in the IE stylesheet from -225px to -125px […]

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