Harvard Referencing Electronically

I’ve found RefWorks so far to be the most efficient. You can get a free account via the UTS Library, just click on the ‘electronic resource’ link and sign up! Your references are kept on an electronic database online and you can choose to output in Harvard UTS style. I downloaded the RefGrabIt plugin, so if I’m looking at a site that I want to reference, I can click on the RefGrabIt link at the bottom of the window and add it directly to my list of references in my account. It’s not overly complicated, but there are a couple of online tutorials and the library does run some workshops if you’d rather not go the ‘teach yourself’ approach These links from a search on ‘RefWorks’ should help. Conveniently, you can choose HTML output and paste it right into your web page (though you might need to modify the code a little to comply with XHTML 1.0 Strict).

I did find, however, that trying to add the UTS Harvard style (listed under ‘U’) to my preferred styles list didn’t work in Firefox, so I had to do that in another browser. I can’t remember whether it was Safari or Chrome but once I’d added it to my list of preferred styles, it could be accessed in any browser.

Hope this helps!


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