Form Validation

So…onward from my attempts to validate form input  (Week7 PHP Guestbook exercise). Although I got the script working (and have since disabled it!) using this resource, I was not satisfied with the script (pregmatch/or die), for the reasons aptly described here. In a nutshell, bouncing somebody out of a page (both the ‘or die’ and ‘exit’ commands do this) when they have made a mistake with a form will at the very least annoy them and most likely lose you a user. I thought the better way was for an alert or error message to be displayed (without losing all the form data) and have found a some code here and here that I will be trying out, hopefully in the next few days (remembering to add a comment in the code crediting the source). The previous code I tried was PHP (ie server side) but the scripts I am going to experiment with are Javascript, so this will fulfil the client side validation before I cross over to the dark–I mean server–side.


PS Have been viewing source code on web pages a fair bit lately, just to deconstruct how a web page has been, well, constructed. Sometimes it’s fairly readable, sometimes not.  It does give me some code examples to follow up, mostly on the CSS side, but also allows me to try and figure out how the JavaScript has been put together (special interest in form pages!). Hopefully it will help when constructing my final project–given that I only came equipped with minimal HTML coding skill and even less CSS 🙂

I’ve also been trying to put things into practice on my own site as I go, as much as I can (ie within the time I have) as it really helps!


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