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I Need (a) Space!!!

And I finally got the space I needed. When marking up my draft learning proposal, I did it in the HTML editor included in cPanel, the site administration software provided by my web host. Basically, it was all I had access to at the time. Long story. Thing is, I couldn’t get validation approved because of just one little thing: there wasn’t a space between the quotes in the HTML declaration, ie

… EN“”

which might seem a fairly straightforward thing to fix. Yeah…no. I tried all sorts of things (like pressing the spacebar, for example) but each time I saved the file, the space disappeared. Who would have thought? ‘Space. The final frontier.‘ In the end I opened it up in Dreamweaver at work, inserted the space, then saved and uploaded the file. Seemed a little like hitting an eggshell with a sledgehammer, but there you go. Web apps can be a little idiosyncratic.

And while I’m on the topic, I was relieved that I did my usual obsessive thing by keying in the proposal content in a text editor before copy/pasting it into the HTML file and adding tags (a bit laborious, but safe). I had been marking it up (again in my web host’s cPanel web editor), had saved it and a minute later the screen kind of started overlaying text on other text, like it wasn’t refreshing or something. No worries, I’d only just saved it, so I closed it and opened it again… to find about half a page of my content had disappeared. Well, obsessive saves the day, because I at least had my backup and didn’t have to compose the text again.

Moral of the story: web-based programs can come with added surprises (read: unreliable).